Each school (and consequently all of their players) must play in their geographically appointed region.  See the list on the 2017-18 dates page for clarification as to which zone each school has been allocated to.  If your school is not listed and you are not sure which zone to apply for, email the tournament organiser for information. 

1    A school wishing to play should contact the tournament organiser who will send them appropriate forms to hand out.
2    Forms are posted to schools/trainers.  Email reminders will be sent to all pupil contacts we have an email address for.
3    Parents enter their children individually, entering directly with CCF (who will not accept responsibility for lost entries).  Schools are welcome to collate entries, however our trainers will not handle them.  However, we must ask for full contact information and dates of birth for every child playing.  
4    We collate the entries from each school and ask the school trainer/teacher to list players in descending order of strength.
5    The first 4 play in the first team, the second 4 play in the 2nd team and so on.  Where we don't have enough players to make the next team, those players play in the Schools' Individuals' Challenge event.  This ensures that everyone can play in the event for their school, even if they are the only player.  We may sometimes merge teams (ie 2 from each school) to make a team up but only where we have an odd number of teams and/or where we feel that there are enough schools who are short of players who would benefit from some sort of team playing.
6    We prepare lists for the arrival of players on the day.
7    On the day, we will re-adjust where we have to in the event of somebody not turning up for a competition.  Phone calls are requested accordingly.

NOTE:  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ENTRIES ON THE DAY - or after 9am on the Thursday immediately preceding the event.  All entries must be in by the quoted deadline.